I like to share my thoughts with you regularly, to inspire you and get in touch with you.


Letting go more, how (to do this)?

28 April 2023 by Nicole Loeffen

'When I read your biography you have done so much already,' Anne my coach says gently to me. She bends down a little and I look into her big eyes, in which I read warmth and compassion. We both hear the murmur of the rest of the group in the training room, but time seems to stand still fo...


An ambulance in a traffic jam of pleasant things is not nice!

28 March 2023 by Nicole Loeffen

Oops, at the thought of you and many others reading this soon my heart rate shoots up. It's exciting to write this stuff down like this, and yet I do it anyway, because I'm sure I'm not the only one "stuck in a traffic jam," and also that a good number of you want to think with...


What I can't always say immediately but still want to

26 February 2023 by Nicole Loeffen

'Do you see any differences with other management teams?' the CEO says as he walks up to me and looks at me with an expression that seeks confirmation. Meanwhile, the management team writes and scribbles happily on whiteboards on the wall, together creating a unifying change story to tell ea...


The podcasts within yourself

20 January 2023 by Nicole Loeffen

‘ I don’t have air pods and do not want to get them as well.’ You look at me as if I am totally crazy. ‘Nowadays I can’t imagine living without them. I play music when I do sport, listen to podcasts on my bike or in my car and watch YouTube in the train. Otherwise, i...


My I is not selfish and likes to share!

11 December 2022 by Nicole Loeffen

'I have a thousand questions and then again I have none,' I answer my horse coach Ruud when he asks why I come. We sit in a cozy but icy shed on St. Nicholas Day on two vintage chairs in front of the humming electric blower stove, our hands around a hot coffee mug. I participated in his grou...


The disappointment of this 2nd streak makes me sicker than the virus itself.

6 November 2022 by Nicole Loeffen

While the online participants work in breakout rooms, I rush downstairs from my home office for a self-test. I nearly trip over the stacked materials for the three-day Leadership Experience at the Waverly House tomorrow and cough once more.  Routinely I stir the cotton swab through the liqui...


Present-day entrepreneurship is about more than just money

7 October 2022 by Nicole Loeffen

'Chapeau that you work a lot for your own clients, with many of your colleagues it remains hobbying,' responds Rick, owner of a well-known training agency, after I tell him that there are no intermediaries between me and my new clients. 'Hobbying, how denigrating that sounds,' flashe...


Are these my children?

18 September 2022 by Nicole Loeffen

My limit is reached! My mood this Sunday afternoon is pitch black. I felt like writing today about the inspiring meeting with two entrepreneurs last week, but my mind is not in the mood. So after a good cry - how refreshing that is - I decide to write about my feelings of powerlessness as a parent. ...


Coming home into yourself is even possible if you don't have a house

31 August 2022 by Nicole Loeffen

'What a delightful house we have.' After three weeks of vacation, a wave of gratitude passes through me as I step into my living room. For me, besides the adventure and relaxation of traveling, coming home to your own familiar place is also part of vacation.  But when I slowly wake u...


Show your true self!

10 July 2022 by Nicole Loeffen

You're shining, beautiful!" photographer Rowan calls out to me with an enthusiastic smile from ear to ear.  I try to ignore the clicking of the camera aimed at me, burst into laughter when I see her in a very impossible position and acutely forget my discomfort and the holding in ...