Customized In-company

Sure, you do know that the professional development of your employees is essential to:

  • Keep getting good results in a fast changing world.
  • Boost the job satisfaction, reduce absenteeism and remain an attractive employer.
  • Optimise customer satisfaction, and thereby secure your organisation's right to exist.

But unfortunately, this costs time and money and is not your core bussiness.
So, you might not be sure where to start.
Or you have sourced training before, but are not too happy with the experience.

In both cases, I have good news for you. Because in all my in-company learning programs I make sure that participants all:

Learn everything that is needed, and above all not learning anything that is not needed!


No standard delivery, but always customised and goal-oriented workshops!

  • Because you achieve more impact and speed when the training is linked to the participants' daily practice.
  • By using participants' own practical examples as a starting point, they can really put what they have learned into practise right away.
  • The goals are not general but specifically tailored to the organisation and the specific group of participants.

How does such a tailor-made workshop look like?

  • Above all, do not expect powerpoints and long-winded theoretical explanations.
  • But short theoretical bites, which I draw on the whiteboard on the spot and explain using a practical situation.
  • Special experiences and practicing together, to learn from the participants' practice with and from each other.

Main cources are about:


By the way, I only deliver customized workshops, but for a competitive all-in price.
Just compare it to a fresh barista coffee for the same price as a vending machine coffee.

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