Inspiring, energetic and interactive speaker

Looking for a speaker with an impressive title or track record, 
who draws you into a great story where you can sit back,
making it fun but probably not doing much with it afterwards? 

Then I can't do anything for you unfortunately. 

Do you want someone who brings energy, inspiration and movement? 

Who shares knowledge, insights, experiences and interesting stories in a way that you immediately start using them yourself and together? 
So that you can link it to your experience and daily practice on the spot and in addition to a fun experience, really have a lasting benefit? 

I am not a big believer in standard stories and universal powerpoint decks that you replay over and over again for different groups. 
I prefer to connect with the moment, the people and the actual situation. 

That's why I want to have a clear picture of that, so that the subjects, stories and forms come to me naturally, and I can make you a concrete proposal. 
A proposal that, like the sun in a blue sky, brings warmth, energy, light and clarity to the participants.

For example:

Congres internal communication

A interactive session for internal communication advisors, about improving collaboration by being aware of different personal preferences and professional roles.

A lot of practical insights in a short timeframe,  energetic performance in connection with the audience.


Management en entrepreneurs association

A professional networking organization who came together after a lockdown.
I showed them diferent perspectives on their professional role during and after a crisis. 

Nicole is a down to earth lady, very pragmatic and a pleasant speaker. She surprised us by putting the audience to work right away.


NEW: Personal effectiveness

Personal, inspiring and interactive story that brings people on the moove during networking-, organisation- or wellbeing events. Incl. the signed MeGaZin Z11 een gelukkig en succesvol leven leiden.

11 practical ingredients, from finding a clear answer to 'What do I want with my work and life?' to politely saying no to your manager or your mother-in-law.