Do you recognize this? It seems like the perfect picture: a good job, great friends and an involved family. The downside is that everyone is counting on you and you are running from here to here.
You long for something, or there is something that you can do without like a toothache. You don't give yourself time - or you don't know where to start - to discover what really makes you happy.

In this MeGoLife I share my 11 ingredients for more happiness and success.
It is not a classic book, but a MeGoLife full of experiences, knowledge and wisdom from me (Me), which I wrote especially for you, so that you can benefit from it in your work and life.
So Go for it, start experimenting to make a positive change.
Discover what gives your Life meaning, what makes you happy, happy and successful.

So that you too can make more conscious and, above all, your own choices today, because it is your life!

The 11 ingredients together form a lemniscate, in which you can continue to move around indefinitely. You choose where you speed up or slow down.
Keep doing this regularly, because only yourself can determine what makes you happy and how you experience success, so take charge of your own life!