Effective Leadership

Leadership development is about awareness, mind-set, different roles and new skills.
Because doing it yourself is different from facilitating your team to do it.

If you are good at your job, you often grow into a leadership position.
This can be a traditional management role, but also a role as a project leader, scrum master or an informal leadership role. 

Traditionally, leadership programs are mainly about learning new skills.
I believe more than that is needed.

Effective leadership is about developing others, taking them along in change and achieving success together.

As a guide for leaders in change, I take individual leaders through all facets of their leadership.

In-house, I work with groups of leaders and offer a total package:


In a leadership role, you need a different mind-set than you do as a professional.
Liz Wiseman's global Multipliers research shows that a leader with the right mind-set gets up to 2x more out of people.
I teach you the Multipliers mind-set and habbits, so you can get more out of your people, by working on your own mind-set and behaviour.

Professional roles

Most organisations are over-managed and under-led.
Mark McGregor, the founder of the global Being on Mission philosophy, defined 5 roles in which you, as a leader, need to find the right balance for yourself.
I will teach you what these five roles are and how to achieve the right balance in them for yourself.


Sometimes refreshing some of the skills for successful communication is desired.
And a good leader also needs new skills, such as:

  • Situational leadership; adapting your style to the person and the task, by instructing, coaching or delegating.
  • Coaching skills; asking questions instead of giving answers, so that next time the other person can do it without you.
  • Storytelling; taking others in the chosen direction with a clear change story that gets people moving. 
  • Talent development; discovering and using all talents present so that your people grow and you enjoy achieving sustainable results together.

I make a nice mix of all this, so that the in-house 'Effective Leadership' programme delivers visible results almost immediately.

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