Coach for you and/or your team

Putting something in motion, towards a desired or necessary goal. 
That is the essence of coaching for me and I do it with love and craftsmanship.

Flexible and in my own way I offer you what is needed to reach that goal.

1:1 Just you and me

An individual coaching track, that is fully connected to your rhythm and questions and that utilizes your talent optimally. 
We meet for good conversations at nice locations and / or online.

You and your team

A coaching track for the whole team, to talk about other important things than the content of your daily work.  To reflect on your challenges, to sharpen your vision, strategy, and goals and turn them into actions. To discover why something is not as it should be and to let the energy flow again. To grow together as professionals and to give the mutual cooperation, within your team and beyond, a boost.

Optional: include the power of a horse as a co-coach?

The strength of horses is that they effortlessly perceive and share their wisdom, without judgment, directly through body language. In this way, they allow us to see and feel things that our minds cannot reach with words. They do this naturally to make the others stronger, so that we are stronger together. It is that simple, anyone who is open to it can see and experience it. You can count on it that in a session with me and the horse something happens within an hour that sets in motion a lasting positive change. 

It is very special how horses perfectly sense what is needed.

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