Nicole Loeffen, experienced facilitator, coach and public speaker

Energetic and on my own way I guide you to experience more happiness and success, giving the right example myself.  

Entrepreneur, professional curious, happily married, proud mom, fascinated by the behavior of people in different cultures and the wisdom of horses. That’s me.

Over 10 years ago I consciously chose to become an independent entrepreneur, whereby my more than twenty years of corporate (management) experience still serves me well today.

Attentively and with guts I step into your world, together we connect with all that is already there, to be able to use the full potential so that you can move forward with more self-confidence and trust.

In my intuitive way I combine my knowledge, warmth, wisdom and experience with the energy and dynamics that are present in the here and now.

My clients characterize me as a committed professional with perseverance, genuine interest, and creativity. What they especially appreciate is:

  • My proactive thinking along
  • The warmth and calmness I bring
  • The pleasant and safe way of confronting and discussing uncomfortable matters.
  • That I do what is necessary to create movement and achieve sustainable results. 
  • How I take them through exploring different perspectives to find new options.
  • Bringing together different worlds such as those of people & results, individual & team or ratio & emotion.

And there is more

Mind-Act is my personal website en my first company, in which I alternately work alone or with others. 
This way I, Nicole Loeffen, can always build a winning team for you.

In the international leadership field, I work with Mark McGregor and a team of professionals in Being on Mission, my second company.

And specificly for horsecoaching I cooperate with Elly Albers in the  praktijk voor paardencoaching.

So, I have a broad experience and a large network. 

I prefer to discover in a personal conversation what is on your mind and what can be valuable to you.
This way I can very specifically inform you how I myself or others within my network can benefit you.

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Discover your personal preferences, regognize those of others and take advantage of it.  

Being on Mission

Become the person you like to be, based upon what's most important for you. 


Discover, by yourself or as a team, where you can become stronger with the help of a horse. 


Get up to two times more out of yur people, by understanding the impat of your leadership behavior.

Deep Democracy

Enrich the decision of the majority with the wisdom of the minority

Energy Drives

Your personal energygivers and energydrains on one page 

Recognized Coach

By StiR registry of professional counselors.


Explain it in a simple way and offer support.

Some of the organizations I work for:

Impression of my network

Marina Reemer

Sander van der Werf

Eric Spaan

Annette del Prado

Elly Albers

Michelle Witsenburg

Mark McGregor

Keetie Sijm

Oscar Geitenbeek

Thomas Houdijk