For yourself

You are ambitious and desire to get the best out of your work and life.
You manage to do that quite well, seemingly you have it perfectly together.
A good job, a nice house, nice friends, maybe a happy relationship and a nice family.
What else is on your wish list? 

Do you ever daydream?
About meaningfulness in your life?
Or about a nice promotion, with more responsibility and influence?
Or about not having a boss anymore but being your own boss?

Do you regularly fantasize?
About traveling around the world, writing a book, or something else?
Or about having more peace of mind, a fitter body or working less so that you have more time for your family, friends and yourself?
Or would you like to say goodbye to that deeply hidden insecurity, fear or frustration? 

You have a choice!
Keep daydreaming because your life is already so busy.
Or decide that this is the time to choose for yourself.

By making time to realize your dreams with me.  

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Together we will discover what suits you best:

1:1 coaching

That totally fits your rhythm and questions.
In which we meet for good conversations at fun locations and/or online.
Optional we walk together in nature or experience the wisdom of a horse.
And you can always call or app me


A few days away

Working intensively with your questions in a flow of relaxed activity.
Getting more grip on what you desire with your work and life and how you can realize this. 
A small group, beautiful environment and healthy & tasty food.